Ice Machine Repair

We offer commercial ice machines rental, sales and services for your business.

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We offer affordable and effective ice machine repair services to ensure that you have a steady supply of ice. Avoid angry customers and any downtime by keeping your machines in properly functioning and moving a steady stream of ice.

We offer the following service for your benefits:

• Installation – We are happy to run the water lines for your ice machine, and we will take care with placement to ensure that it is safe, meets building code requirements and will provide you with years of service.
• Cleaning – Health inspectors check everything including ice machines. Let us help you clean them to ensure that you never have to deal with mold or other problems.
• Repairs – Is your machine slow to make ice? Is the shape wrong? Are you struggling with a machine that has stopped cooling? When your ice machine is not working at peak efficiency, let us help you with reliable repairs.
• Other Problems – Other issues with your machine may be less obvious. It might be too noisy, and that’s a problem if it’s in a hotel or another area where customers have to listen to it. Perhaps your water or electric bill has jumped up and you think it may be the ice machine. Another concern is when the ice has a strange smell to it. We can address all of these problems to ensure that your machine is working properly and providing you with the high quality ice you need.
• Sales or Leasing – Whether you want to buy, lease or rent your machine, we are here to help you with quality systems that can handle all of your ice needs.

We understand that you count on having a steady supply of fresh, clean ice. That’s why we specialize in ice machines. In addition to sales, we also provide you with all the support you need with maintenance, repairs and cleaning services. Call us when you want a new machine installed or need to rent one for a short period while you research options. We are happy to help you, and our goal if your complete satisfaction. Call us today at 281-826-0444 to see how we can help you keep the ice moving in your business.